October 4


Saturday, October 4

2:00-4:00 pm
Gap Court, Avalon Mall


Visit researchers at this family-friendly science fair, featuring some of Memorial’s top minds and exciting projects.


Tremendous Touch Tank
Department of Ocean Sciences
The public education program (PEP) is featuring a touch tank, where visitors can experience a never-ending variety of local marine invertebrates and a Harp seal video presentation. Marine interpreters will be on hand to answer questions and explain current research initiatives.


Marvellous Math Trail 
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
This family-friendly scavenger hunt makes math fun!


Crazy Chemical Combinations and Reactions
Department of Chemistry
Come take part in some hands-on chemistry activities that are suitable for all ages! There will be slime and other fun favourites.


Phenomenal Physics Facts
Department of Physics
How do you make lightning? What is a hologram? Can you see your voice? What does a spinning bicycle have in common with an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine? To find out the answers to these questions and many more, come visit the “Physics Stall at the Mall.”


Amazing Anatomy: Body works
Faculty of Medicine
The human body is the most amazing thing in the world, but how often do you get to see and touch internal body parts? At this booth you will view real plastinated bones and organs, including the largest and the smallest bone, an artificial hip and knee, healthy and smoker’s lungs, a normal heart and one with a coronary bypass, a normal and cirrhotic liver, a stomach, etc.

Sensational Scientific Principles
Let’s Talk Science
Join us for science activities in various areas – find out if you are a supertaster, guess what’s making the noise, play with Angry Birds among others!

Outstanding Ocean Mapping

School of Ocean Technology, Marine Institute

What does the bottom of St. John’s Harbour look like? Forget the lost city of Atlantis, the Marine Institute unlocks the secrets of the deep in our very own St. John’s Harbour at this exciting booth.

Spectacular Simulation
Faculty of Medicine
How can doctors learn how to do surgery before operating on real people? Simulation! Come test your clinical skills by using a simulator to do medical tasks, such as tying a knot or using a laparoscopic instrument.  


Exciting Electricity

Visit the SHAD booth to learn a little about sensors, circuits, and programming.  SHAD is a four-week bootcamp for high school students’ brains, and some SHAD seminars teach students about electronics and prototyping.